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Five Leadership Secrets Of Collaboration Success

July 30, 2013

Collaboration is the key in today's globalized world. As we move toward global teams and virtual workplaces, collaboration is essential to add value to the organization. On the external front, too, collaboration is vital to establish and maintain good relations with other stakeholders such as suppliers and creditors.

Because of this, a good leader is someone who understands the importance of collaboration and implements it in his or her everyday work life. Below are five smart ways to implement it within one's own team, adapted from a recent piece in Forbes:

Social Networking: Social networking has revolutionized the way we communicate as a society. This idea of sharing should be implemented within the team, too. When all members share their knowledge, it puts everyone on the same page and more importantly, helps team members to build trust and friendship.

Limits, limits and limits: Collaboration is not about intruding into someone's privacy. While some people may like to talk about their personal life, others may want to keep it private. This is why leaders should understand the subtle difference between collaboration and intrusion. It is important to understand what each person's comfort level is and allow each member to set his or her own limits. This will make the workplace comfortable for everyone.

Clear Resentments: Resentments are the biggest blocks for collaboration, so it is important to communicate one's thoughts and feelings to the concerned person. However, the tone used should be mild and formal because shouting and screaming is only going to spoil relationships.

Encouraging Inspiration: Inspiration can come from the simplest of things. This is why the leader should encourage everyone to inspire themselves and others in their own way. Whether it is an object, thought or action, anything that inspires an individual should be encouraged.

Individuality: The leader should maintain his or her individuality and should encourage others to do so as well. Faked personalities destroy collaboration and this leads to ego clashes. This is why it’s best to be yourself always.

Collaboration is all about creating something that is larger than any single individual. It gives a sense of accomplishment and helps people to connect with one another at an emotional level. The above-mentioned suggestions will go a long way in harnessing these benefits of collaboration.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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