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Neotys Partners with Kaazing

July 25, 2013

Testing applications is an integral part of mobile application development, and developers need good and reliable platforms to do so. Lacking a good platform can result in unwanted cost increases and delays in time to market.

Looking to enable performance testing of its applications, Kaazing has announced a partnership with Neotys, a provider of load and performance testing software. Now, it will be easier to test Kaazing-powered applications with the advanced features of Neotys’ NeoLoad.

This new partnership offering is expected to be available from October 2013. It is expected to shorten the time to market of Kaazing products and will also encourage the development of real-time mobile and Web application that make use of advanced Kaazing-powered offerings.

NeoLoad's proprietary technology aims at making the whole process of testing easier and more efficient. It is now possible to deploy Web, intranet or mobile applications with various architecture as it provides features such as preconfigured monitoring and threshold alerts for a quick analysis of servers and automatic handling of all the application's parameters (without any scripts).

Kaazing’s WebSocket Gateway is an enterprise solution that offers full-duplex communication over the Web. It enables the implementation of application-level protocols with a transport layer. It supports all browsers and connected devices, along with support for JMS, XMPP, AMQP and any custom messaging protocol.

“Our team is very pleased with our partnership with Neotys,” said John Donnelly III, executive vice president, Kaazing. “Real-time applications enabled with Kaazing can now be easily and cost-effectively integrated with Neotys’ testing and monitoring of performance, reliability, and load. Because Kaazing enables massively scalable, low-latency, real-time applications, this integration is critical for enterprises seeking to invest in modernizing their architectures for instantaneous web and mobile communication.”

Recently, Kaazing partnered with U.S.-based software development company DataArt to provide mobile application services for the financial services industry.

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