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ADTRAN Receives Contract for School District Telecom Upgrade

July 17, 2013

ADTRAN recently confirmed that the Madison County School System (MCSS) has chosen its NetVanta Unified Communications to upgrade the telecom infrastructure for MCSS. The cutting edge networking technology will enable MCSS to enhance the quality of its communication systems across its 27 campuses. By deploying the NetVanta platform, the MCSS community will be able to collaborate more effectively.

In a statement, Rob Snyder of ADTRAN said, “MCSS is providing their administrators, teachers, parents and students with the tools they need to fully maximize today’s educational opportunities. ADTRAN supports this initiative through innovative solutions that simplify network deployment and management with a leading technology edge. ADTRAN provides MCSS with the seamless communications and connectivity that is needed to deliver a first-rate educational experience that is essential in today’s technology-based economy.”

In the initial phase, MCSS will deploy the fully unified messaging solution for teachers and administrators while adding the Find me/Follow-me functionality for administrators and superintendents. The first phase will also see MCSS replacing its analog fax system to deploy the advanced fax server and also host a conference server to enable official calls across the school’s network. Additionally, handset and overhead paging capability integrated into current infrastructure and easy-to-create personal assistant features also form a part of the first phase of deployment.

Tommy Whitten of MCSS added, “When considering network solutions, ADTRAN was the obvious choice because the company offered a breadth of advanced capabilities and provided impeccable support throughout the deployment process. ADTRAN has enabled MCSS to not only lower costs while advancing technology and communications, but has provided the infrastructure our community will rely on as we grow our campuses and curriculum.”

In the second phase, MCSS will deploy solutions to simplify data gathering and distribution, and enable real-time communications with parents by integrating features such as absence notifications, emergency alerts and reminders. This contract enables MCSS to drastically improve its communications infrastructure through ADTRAN’s cost-effective advanced technology.

ADTRAN Inc. is a provider of networking and telecom applications such as enterprise solutions and cloud connectivity to enable high-quality communication experience across various networking infrastructures.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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