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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

July 13, 2013

The Unified Communications community continues to grow rapidly both on unified communications and out in the real world. Let's venture into the news happenings from this past week.

In an attempt to show everyone else who was "VOSS," VOSS announced the availability of its UC-OBT tools and services. OBT is the newest edition of the VOSS User Deployment Toolset and is capable of supporting large enterprises. For example, it was recently able to provide support for a European telco that has 2,000 sites, 80,000 phones and 120,000 users.

An additional global communications client was able to use the solution to accelerate deployment of 16,000 users and phones over its Cisco HCS platform. OBT is designed to enable mass migration of end users, customers, phones and services to the HCS platform.

Also this week, Vertical Communications released its Wave IP Auto Bundle to allow automotive companies to raise sales, improve the customer experience and raise their customer satisfaction index scores. Under a single user license, automotive companies can use UC, mobility, telephony and business productivity tools within the platform. According to Vertical Communications CEO Peter Bailey, the solution is designed to take advantage of renewed growth in the automotive sector.

In other news, Peerless Network reported that its Enterprise SIP Trunking Services are now certified as compatible with Microsoft Lync. As a result, companies will be able to deploy Lync over Peerless's state-of-the-art IP network. The certification, which is part of the company's Enterprise Cloud Services initiative, will extend current Peerless Network capabilities. Already, the company's networks handle 60 billion minutes of voice traffic over 5 million distinct telephone numbers.

Finally, the UC Community finished the week by showing that its growth is unstoppable. By 2018, Transparency Market Research predicts that the UC market will reach $61.9 billion worldwide. Businesses are adopting UC to decrease costs, improve productivity and recapture efficiency, and these new UC transitions are driving the growth.

Enjoy a respite from the heat this weekend, and check back with the UC Community on unified communications every day for the latest news and developments.

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