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Brown and Caldwell Realizes Huge Annual Savings with ShoreTel Solutions

July 08, 2013

Brown and Caldwell, Inc., an environmental engineering consulting firm, hopes to realize an annual savings of around $300,000 by employing the suite of ShoreTel solutions.

Mark Lencioni, senior manager of IS engineering at Brown and Caldwell, commented, “The ShoreTel solution is simple and easy to support and we've been able to reduce our overall telephony footprint by 60 percent as well as maintain our staff level supporting the solution. Our device expenses and support maintenance costs are down, and we’ve significantly reduced our Instant Messaging and Conferencing contracts. When fully implemented, we expect savings to be around $300,000 annually. ShoreTel has been top notch and we are happy with the decision to go with them for our unified communications needs.”

Brown and Caldwell is said to have acquired over 1,500 licenses to implement ShoreTel solutions at more than 45 locations. These solutions include ShoreTel IP-PBX with integrated unified communications, ShoreTel Mobility and ShoreTel Conferencing. The ShoreTel solution set allows for Brown and Caldwell to implement true unified communications for the company’s large non-centralized project teams.

According to the company, the ShoreTel Conferencing and Instant Messaging solution makes conferencing universally accessible, well beyond traditional users such as sales, to include even those who have only occasional need for it.

The company offers brilliant yet simple business VoIP systems that are capable of integrating communication tasks such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and mobility and online collaboration usually performed with separate tools in order to boost productivity and bring down costs.

Brown and Caldwell added that it is working to create efficient, cost-effective solutions that promote environmental stewardship and long-term value for their clients, and ShoreTel caters to those demands in an ideal way with its superior product capabilities and proven lowest total cost of ownership.

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