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Cairn India Improves Communication with Polycom RealPresence

July 08, 2013

Polycom has a new partner in Cairn India, and it has its video collaboration solutions to thank for that. The company now provides Cairn India with its RealPresence video collaboration solutions, allowing it to seamlessly communicate with project sites, offshore oil rigs, and its customers around the world.

As Cairn India deals in oil and gas exploration and production, it has teams across project sites all over India and the seas. That means its multiple project sites need to be able to communicate and collaborate daily, keeping important projects running smoothly and everyone in the loop.

Fortunately, Polycom RealPresence provides all the communication tools that Cairn India needs. It deployed solutions such as the Polycom HDX room system and the Polycom RealPresence Immersive solution, improving its communications environment and collaboration capabilities with secure and interoperable video collaboration.

Mobile employees, management and sales can remain in the loop as well, thanks to solutions for mobile and tablet devices. The Polycom RealPresence video collaboration solutions have also proven helpful for business continuity, customer relationship management, and even remote inspection, reducing the need for travel and improving communication across all levels.

“Polycom video collaboration solutions interoperate with the industry’s broadest range of communications platforms and applications,” says Alok Anand, Polycom’s marketing head for India and SAARC. “Our commitment to open standards protects Cairn India’s investments by ensuring backwards- and forwards-compatibility and driving user adoption by integrating video into the company’s existing work processes.”

As a result, Cairn India is seeing an impressive reduction on its travel expenses, as well as improved productivity, as employees can access enterprise-grade video from any device or location. Its previous IT investments are still utilized, so that’s not money wasted, but with Polycom RealPresence, collaboration has improved significantly. Carin India has chosen well when it partnered with Polycom, and is making the most of the improved communication and collaboration it has to offer.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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