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Ecosmob and Audioweb Partner On New FreeSWITCH Based Conferencing Solution

July 03, 2013

Indian VoIP and telecom company Ecosmob recently announced that it had formed a partnership with Mexican audio conferencing company Audioweb. The partnership aims to work on an audio communications project geared towards producing, installing and commissioning FreeSWITCH based conferencing solutions. The initial collaboration has a shelf life, but it appears that the two companies can extend their agreement beyond the established one year period.

Maulik Shah, director of Ecosmob technologies spoke about what the partnership means to his company in a recent release.

“We are really excited that we have signed a technical partnership agreement with the client, and look forward to working on it with full zeal and enthusiasm,” Shah said. “Not only will the completed solution provide Audioweb with a quantum leap to its conferencing abilities, but will also boost its capability to leverage the power of FreeSWITCH to build a reliable as well as stable conferencing solution for its business.”

Shah added that he believes that the partnership means that two high-end companies, which each have proprietary knowledge that is crucial to the communication sector, are teaming up on this project. Shah also talked about the importance of the two companies being so geographically different. This means that should the partnership yield results, there will already be an impressive coverage of different parts of the globe.

Neither company has allowed many details to emerge as to how they plan on using the FreeSWITCH based solution, though that could also be a byproduct of the fact that the partnership is still very new. Both companies certainly seem to feel as though the partnership is going to be mutually beneficial, not only because of each other’s expertise in their relative fields but also because of the massive reach across the globe that the partnership offers.

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