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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

June 29, 2013

Try to run your business while maintaining a healthy revenue stream, measuring up to increasing customer demands and seeing a high level of productivity for your workforce without using unified communications (UC) -- I double dog dare you! The reason behind this dare is the fact that currently, it is next to impossible for an organization to continuously expand its footprint while remaining efficient without this next-generation platform in place.

Looking back at news from this week in the industry, it was revealed that in regard to video conferencing, a solution that is currently being leveraged by global businesses as way to stay in close contact with clients and employees without physically having to travel to their location, Petr Jirovsky of IDC commented, "Video as a key component of collaboration continues to place high on the list of priorities for many organizations. But key questions going forward now include: How will these video collaboration solutions be deployed? With more software or hardware?"

Thus, several key steps must be taken within the enterprise environment in order to successfully leverage a video conferencing that can bring countless benefits to your company such as reducing costs, keeping everyone on a team on the same page and even improving customer satisfaction levels.

Some of the steps include determining the number of users that will be utilizing the conferencing product and ensuring the ideal amount of bandwidth is in place to support these solutions.

In other news, Terracotta, a company specializing in in-memory technologies for enterprise big data, debuted Terracotta Universal Messaging, a software platform for big data applications.

“Our Universal Messaging solution resolves this critical big data challenge and it's battle-tested, with a proven track record over the past decade powering the most demanding applications across multiple industries, including financial services, retail, gaming and utilities," Eddie McDaid, managing director of Universal Messaging for Terracotta, said in a statement.

Highlighted for offering users access to real-time data streaming, the platform boasts the ability to move massive amounts of data rapidly to devices and networks. Hence, it can reduce the chances of a network bottleneck occurring due to the fact that it transfers data within and beyond enterprise systems to external devices.

Closing out the week, Invoxia joined Siemens Enterprise Communications' Technology Partner Program. Through becoming a part of this program, Invoxia will be able to give developers the piece of mind that they will see optimum interoperability of Audioffice when leveraging key OpenScape Mobility solutions.

Invoxia’s Audioffice lets customers converse with one another with high sound quality, completely eliminating echoes and background noise so that important interactions never suffer.

There you have it, this week in unified communication news. Be sure to stay tuned to the Unified Communications Community exclusively on unified communications for all of the most up-to-date information from this growing vertical!

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