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Invoxia and Siemens Enterprise Communications Tie Up to Provide Seamless Mobile UC Solutions

June 26, 2013

In an era defined by mobile devices, companies are constantly looking for technology solutions that can be used by their employees that can seamlessly run unified communication applications on the device of their choice. To address this need, Invoxia, high-tech companies specializing in quality telecommunication devices, and Siemens Enterprise Communications, have entered into a partnership that will allow Invoxia's docking station to support Siemens Enterprise Communications' OpenScape Mobility solutions.

Siemens OpenScape Mobility solutions offer VoIP, video and comprehensive UC capabilities together with a next generation user experience via a single mobile application. With the help of Invoxia’s Audioffice docking unit, smartphones and tablets can be easily connected via Bluetooth, allowing users to manage incoming and outgoing calls, join conference calls and easily access to all of their contacts. OpenScape Mobility's Call Swipe Feature will allow users to move calls from the Invoxia docking station to any device on any network and back, without compromising on sound quality.

To achieve compatibility with the open interfaces of OpenScape solutions, Invoxia has also joined Siemens Enterprise Communications' Technology Partner Program. Under this program, Invoxia has will work closely with Siemens Enterprise Communications developers to ensure optimum interoperability of Audioffice with the OpenScape Mobility solutions.

Invoxia’s Audioffice has been designed to enable customers to participate in conversations with high sound quality. Algorithms used in the Audioffice enabl users to benefit from the full potential of 'In Vivo Acoustic' technology with an inbuilt system which eliminates echoes and background noise in order to achieve high quality phone calls. This technology makes hands free telephony more enjoyable and comfortable. With the optional corded handset, people can enjoy one-to-one conversations.

The new Audioffice can be easily connected to mobile devices and can be automatically paired via Bluetooth. The dedicated removable holder and three USB adapter options allow users to connect and charge any device such as tablets or smartphones using USB connectivity.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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