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June 22, 2013

Currently, leveraging next-generation tools in order to deliver a high quality customer experience such as unified communications (UC) is just as vital to a business within nearly any industry as it is to remain profitable. Hence, there is no secret why the space continues to rapidly gain momentum as the temperature heats up outside here on the East Coast.

Looking back at news from this week, unified communications reported that UC solutions will enable your company to see the most benefits if you first take precautionary measures prior to migrating to this platform. It is important to highlight that when transitioning to UC infrastructure, many businesses don’t plan ahead for the influx of traffic they will see due to opening all of these communication channels up to both employees and customers alike.

According to a recent blog post from UC expert Teo, “It's dangerous to rely solely on the monitoring, buffering and latency management tools that UC service providers offer. When establishing a UC setup, IT managers should instead craft a Quality of Service (QoS) policy that prioritizes particular communications platforms over others.”

After all, certain UC services demand more bandwidth than others. Zeroing in on VoIP in particular, in order to yield high quality interactions, a high level of bandwidth is required. Thus, IT decision makers must be armed with the knowledge needed to ensure their systems can handle these increasing demands now and in the future or users could encounter problems like dropped calls, one-way audio and poor voice quality, to name a few.

In other news, Mutualink has deployed the Global Secure Emergency Collaboration Network (GSEC Net) for multinational events and emergencies, highlighted for allowing nations and their various agencies to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other when needed.

 Not only will this offering enable users to respond to global events without delay but it will also power key communications solutions to be used by public safety, emergency management and defense agencies.

“For the first time, we were able to connect tetra radios with TETRAPOL (communicating between completely different networks), private networks, telephones and videos in real-time in an encrypted and secure manner, adding effectiveness to our ability to respond to these events, and eliminating duplication of efforts and resources," said Col. Alexandre Corval, deputy secretary for public safety for technology and integration, State of Rio de Janeiro.

Closing out the week, Whaleback Managed Services, a company that offers an array of managed unified communications services, unveiled the CrystalBlue Mobile (CB Mobile) and CrystalBlue Desktop (CB Desktop) softphone applications. These will enable users to access the capabilities found within the CrystalBlue unified communications platform while on-the-go via their smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the Unified Communications Community, exclusively on unified communications!

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