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Oblong Introduces a Comprehensive UC Solution with True Multi-location Collaboration

June 17, 2013

With the implementation of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), emerging technologies and new communication tools organizations have to find solutions capable of bringing everything together so everyone can share content from any device with anyone and anywhere. Mezzanine 2.6 is a unified communications solution from Oblong that gives users a true multi-location collaboration platform.

Anyone that is part of the network using the Mezzanine workspace can bring their own device and start collaborating interactively anywhere in the world sharing content and applications with co-workers. The multi-participant control framework provides a collaborative conference room solution with video conferencing, whiteboard capture, application sharing and presentation design and delivery.

The company provides what it calls InfoPresence, which incorporates multiple users with multiple devices and multiple streams of information in a collaborative environment. These collaborations are transformed into real-time work sessions between different coworkers wherever they happen to be by meeting and working more efficiently, supporting next-generation work processes, enriching customer experience and discovering borderless collaboration.

Unlike other collaboration platforms that limits users with different devices from fully participating, Mezzanine allows each user to contribute equally whether they are on a mobile device or their home computer. It brings everyone into one space allowing each participant to bring information from the Web or enterprise cloud so it can be integrated into the meeting.

Mezzanine platform improves your workspace by providing support for Web browsers, smartphones, and tablets with iOS and Android systems. The presentation control gives users on-screen content manipulation with an especially aware input device called a wand for whiteboard capture. Using the wand and a Web browser, it is possible to control and connect laptops and their applications in a room.

The platform is also compatible with existing video conferencing and telepresence infrastructure that allows users to integrate with standard LCDs or high-end edge-blended display walls with enterprise authentication and cloud services.

Mezzanine is being used by some of the largest public and private organizations in the world including Boeing, IBM, SAP and the Department of Defense to help bring together the different segments of these organizations in a collaborative effort.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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