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Relayware 2013 Debuts New Features to Enable Indirect Channels to Become Interactive Ecosystems

June 12, 2013

Relayware announced that in its latest version, Relayware come complete with an exciting range of features. Aimed at enhancing end user experience, Relayware 2013 is expected to take indirect channel collaboration and communication to an exciting new height.

Companies today are focused on improving workforce collaboration among key executives, as it is believed to result in productivity gains. According to Relayware, further productivity gains can be achieved by facilitating greater collaboration between companies and the sales, marketing and support resources resident in their indirect channel ecosystems.

The new features in the Relayware 2013 including open communities, discussion groups, personal and company social profiles and crowd-sourcing, are geared toward addressing these new age collaboration needs.

“Relayware is already the most advanced and comprehensive solution for facilitating effective communication and productive collaboration with and among your indirect channel ecosystem,” said Veronica Brunwin, Chief Product Officer at Relayware. “But we recognize and embrace the changes that social and mobile technologies are making to the way in which society and businesses interact. Relayware 2013 features a wealth of new features designed to enable indirect channels to become interactive ecosystems and function as extensions of our customers' own sales, marketing and support organizations,”

Relayware's communication capabilities have been further improved with the introduction of a range of new collaborative apps, portal- and mobile-based activity streams, instant messaging and social and mobile updates.

In its latest version, Relayware comes with a more powerful content management system (CMS) that features rich content integration and a brand new rich content media library.  This CMS supports both the Relayware portal and mobile app.

The end users will find the 2013 Release even more user-friendly. Coming with an improved interface featuring icon-based menus, personalization options and natural language search, Relayware makes it easier for the users to access its functionalities.

Relayware Mobile has also received enhancements in forms of activity streaming, a rich content media library, integrated document reader and enhanced social features.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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