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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

June 08, 2013

Businesses and individuals around the world are quickly seeing the multiple advantages when implementing a robust unified communications (UC) system. For businesses, they are able to interact with customers via whatever channel they feel most comfortable with while reducing costs, while individuals can remain in close contact with colleagues, friends and family.

This week it was revealed that in spite of the rapid adoption of unified communication systems many companies have yet to implement UC due to concerns related to security. While Web, audio and video conferencing can all eliminate an organization’s need to physically travel around the country or even the world to speak face to face with a client, which in turn reduces expenses, IT managers remain weary about how safe these next-generation platforms actually are.

In a recent blog post from unified communications specialist Teo, OneStopClick, a Boston-based security team, was highlighted for being able to easily infiltrate and view the confidential data of major companies including Goldman Sachs. How was such a huge enterprise successfully attacked, you ask? Reports claim that the act was completed through the conferencing solution that was in place without a firewall to protect it from cyber attacks.

In other news, Televic Conference, a provider of conference systems and applications, has signed a license agreement with Audinate, which will enable Televic to add a Dante interface to its multimedia conferencing system.

According to unified communications Contributor Robbie Pleasant, “Dante is a digital media transport system that runs over standard IP networks. With it, Televic can accommodate a vast amount of channels, over a single Ethernet cable, with low latency and a synchronization rate that provides an excellent digital media experience. As such, Televic can work with more at a faster rate and at lower costs.”

Closing out the week, the report titled, "The True Value of UCC to Small and Medium-sized Business Customers: Why They Can't Thrive Without It,” made its debut. Released by enterprise communication provider Aastra, key findings are proving that the utilization of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is growing among companies, especially among small businesses.

Also, there has been an increasing use of both audio and video conferencing, IM (instant messaging) and unified messaging as of late. This is primarily due to the fact that organizations are leveraging these offerings in order to allow employees to work form wherever they are at anytime without negatively affecting productivity.

To read the full report, click here.

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