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ANDTEK Unveils Online Solution for Professional Corporate Communication

June 04, 2013

ANDTEK GmbH has unveiled an online solution for Professional Corporate Communication. A variety of online and mobile unified communications services like directories, call lists, attendance information, etc., are incorporated by this client. Users need to have the Cisco-based ANDTEK Server in order to use this unified communications platform.

Users can now communicate with each other irrespective of the place and device using the "ANDTEK Web-Client." A user can choose individuals from contact lists with a single click. The user can also select a mode of communication like voice, video and instant messaging, among others. The user also has the convenience to either forward or redirect the numbers.

ANDTEK’s Cisco-based Server is the solitary mandatory requirement for this communications platform. ANDTEK’s Cisco-based Server can incorporate numerous unified communications services into the client in a rapid and simplified manner. All the applicable information regarding communication services is collected by the server, thereby significantly simplifying several business processes.

Present customer contacts and address lists can be proficiently accessed with the help of the ANDTEK directory service, thereby ensuring flourishing business communication. The service not only offers refined filtering and sorting choices but also provides a search service to find specific numbers in a dependable manner. The service delivers a further targeted approach for the caller. The service also delivers instantaneous access to the most recent company data.

Services used for generating call and contact lists can also be incorporated and optimized with the "ANDTEK Web-Client". Users can therefore view both in-coming and out-going calls. They can also view calls received when they were on call with someone else. Once the user calls back, the missed number and details of the missed calls are automatically deleted from the call list.

ANDTEK GmbH is an expert in smart and customized unified communications applications and supplementary benefit services. The organization was established in 2000. Organizations in all areas of business are able to enhance communication processes with the help of solutions created and deployed by ANDTEK. ANDTEK’s IP communications are ideal for finance companies, public service, health care, trade, industry and judiciary.

Edited by Ryan Sartor