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Televic Incorporates Dante into uniCOS

June 03, 2013

Televic Conference, a provider of conference systems and applications, has signed a license agreement with Audinate, and the result is a trip with Dante worthy of a technological Divine Comedy. Televic will add a Dante interface to its multimedia conferencing system, making uniCOS the first of its products to use the Dante IP-based networking protocol.

Dante is a digital media transport system that runs over standard IP networks. With it, Televic can accommodate a vast amount of channels, over a single Ethernet cable, with low latency and a synchronization rate that provides an excellent digital media experience. As such, Televic can work with more at a faster rate and at lower costs.

This will also help reduce Televic’s interface equipment needs, allowing the company to do more with less. That saves both money and equipment, clearing up the network for more pressing needs. Furthermore, it gains simplified integration and interpretation for applications with different languages, helping reduce the language barrier for faster and better work.

“We see a growing need with our customers to interface their conference system digitally with third-party equipment” says Bart Deschodt, Televic Conference’s general manager. “We are excited to integrate Dante in our new products, not only because of its performance but also because Dante has become the standard in digital audio networking.”

While this may be the first Televic product to use Dante, if it all works out, it won’t be the last. That may be an “if,” but it’s a pretty likely one, considering the assets and abilities that Dante provides. Those familiar with Dante’s Divine Comedy would know that in it, Virgil guides Dante through the various circles of hell before taking him through purgatory and to a tour of heaven, but with the proper usage of Audinate’s Dante interface, Televic can skip the first two steps and reach the paradise of efficiency and affordability.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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