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June 01, 2013

The relationship between a company and a customer has never been more important than it is today. With so many competing organizations in virtually every industry, it is essential that clients are made to feel as if their questions, problems and complaints will be resolved in the shortest period of time possible. This level of customer care has been significantly enhanced with next generation solutions known as unified communications (UC), helping businesses to keep and continue to grow their current client base now and in the future.

This week in the space, it was revealed that UC suites should not just be leveraged by corporate enterprises but retail locations as well. However, in a recent study completed in conjunction by Elite Telecom Swyx and Retail Week, findings show that the retail sector hasn’t yet realized the potential advantages they can see when transitioning to a robust unified communications platform.

In a separate report released by analyst Ovum, nearly 80 percent of businesses throughout the world will be utilizing at least some aspect of UC technology within the next 24-month period. But when putting the results of what multiple companies had to say next to retail businesses with one to 1,000 employees, a mere 34.9 percent believe this next-generation portfolio will be in place in a three year time span.  

“As an industry that is facing enormous pressure to adapt to increased competition, especially from digital and online channels, unified communications is an investment that many retailers cannot afford to miss out on,” said Matt Newing, CEO of Elite Telecom, in a statement. “Unified communications is all about the end user experience and helping to deliver smoother, streamlined services to customers both in-store and online. Customers are more likely to return to businesses that have exceeded their expectations and offered them something different.”

In other news, Siemens Enterprise Communications, a well known unified communications provider, formed a strategic alliance with Jabra, in order to begin using its Bluetooth headset for employees working on-the-go.

Through seamlessly integrating the OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature with Jabra headsets, remote workers can heighten efficiency dramatically. This is primarily due to the capability powered that enables them to move a voice conversation from an office phone to a mobile device with just a simple swipe gesture. And hey, if they want to switch the call back to their previous selection, that can be done with ease as well. 

As mobility-related demands will surge over time, Jabra was selected by Siemens enterprise because of its extensive expertise in creating intuitive headsets from the ground up that lessen the burdens placed upon the shoulders of individuals wishing to remain productive from anywhere at anytime.

Closing out this week, Alteva unveiled a new Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) specifically designed for law firms.  Headquartered in Philadelphia, Alteva has been enhancing its telecommunication services for nearly two decades.

“We know law firms want to maximize their productivity and billable hours, and we’ve enabled their communications to do just that,” said Mike Timar, vice president of Product Management at Alteva. “With Alteva’s UCaaS solution, attorneys can seamlessly communicate with anyone, anywhere, with detailed tracking,” said Timar.

Boasting both key audio and Web tools, the offering also encompasses user friendly reporting services that can detail billing hours, something any lawyer looking to be paid for the time they spent working on a case will appreciate.

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the Unified Communications Community, exclusively on unified communications!

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