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Vyopta Unveils New vRating Unified Communications Scoring System

May 30, 2013

Vyopta Incorporated, a specialist in business intelligence and process automation applications for video collaboration, debuted its vRating unified communications scoring system.

Alfredo Ramirez, president and CEO of Vyopta, said, “vRating provides customers a new evidence-based way of looking at the effectiveness of their video and unified communications environment. Much like a FICO score, which evaluates your credit risk, vRating is another way Vyopta is enabling organizations to understand and optimize their strategic investment in video and unified collaboration.”

According to officials, the vRating index will be delivered as part of the Vyopta vAnalytics application for enabling high level analysis based on a thorough knowledge of call quality, adoption trends, systems reliability and usage, for both internal and external calls.

These metrics will serve as aggregated indicators for the performance of an organization’s communications environment.

The vRating index is given as a score ranging from 0 to 800; the higher the score, the better the condition, which means that the video and unified communications environment is performing according to the enterprise’s current call demand and patterns.

Information technology organizations can also benefit from the assured quality of experience, capacity planning and value contribution helping them judge their endpoints and infrastructure systems.

The vRating index and individual key performance indicators enable organizations to improve their offerings and implement a collaborative environment for enhancing business productivity. This can be achieved by re-allocation of endpoints and software codec accounts to maximize use of video assets, in asset maintenance to maximize life of systems and in user training to accelerate adoption.

The MCU port capacity and Gatekeeper call capacity can be optimized besides maintaining firewall traversal call capacity to support peak concurrent B2B calls and for network capacity to support peak concurrent calls, added officials.

To take advantage of the benefits of the expanding role of the network, Vyopta Incorporated, recently announced that it is now a preferred solution developer within the TelePresence and collaboration technology category of Cisco’s Developer Network Program.

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