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Jabra and Siemens Come Together for Mobile UC Project

May 30, 2013

Siemens Enterprise Communications is widely known in the field of unified communications (UC), but when it came time to find some new peripherals that could back up Siemens' work in the field, the first place Siemens looked to was Jabra, whose new Bluetooth headset would offer support for the Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature, improving efficiency and utility among headsets.

With the addition of the OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature, Jabra Bluetooth headset users would be able to automatically move a voice conversation from an office phone to a mobile device with just a swipe gesture, and then later transfer the call back as needed. This allows the user to go from stationary to mobile and back to stationary as needed, making that user a truly mobile worker. This has previously proven a substantial challenge to mobile workers--according to Jabra's vice president of marketing, products and alliances Holger Reisinger--who previously have found a way to quickly move from car to desk mid-call to be largely impossible. With OpenScape Call Swipe, that particular problem is now cleared up.

But it's not just OpenScape Call Swipe that makes the new Jabra headsets so worthwhile; Jabra's experience in the field has given it plenty of skill in developing headsets that provide the best in sound quality, so making that leap from mobile to desktop should prove, ultimately, seamless on every front. Thanks to the Jabra Motion UC system, users get a set of built-in motion sensors, as well as rapid adjustment of audio volume based on surroundings, and a call control mechanism that allows the device to answer the call when it's picked up. That makes the devices much more intuitive than the normal, and provides extra value besides.

Previously, in March 2013, the Jabra Motion UC headset along with OpenScape Mobile both were nominated finalists in the "Best of Enterprise Connect Award 2013," so there's plenty of room here to indicate that allying with Jabra was a smart move from the word go. Jabra has also previously brought out a wide array of devices previously, so Jabra's skill in the field was hard to reproach even without the added distinction of being a finalist in the "Best of Enterprise Connect Award 2013" event.

Those looking for an easy solution in terms of taking mobile calls should be very happy to see this new option available, and will likely be eager to find one of Jabra's new headsets with Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe included.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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