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Yorktel Unifies Unified Communications on One Screen

May 20, 2013

Yorktel recently unveiled a very comprehensive video communications platform. With this new solution, it hopes to go further than the future demands of its users. The goal of Yorktel's new solution, called VideoCloud, is to bring different methods of enterprise communication under one roof. Solutions such as Avaya's Aura, Cisco's Call Manager, and Microsoft's Lync can be put into one platform that will “unify” them.

“As voice, video, and messaging further converge, many organizations are faced with the dilemma of having to decide which communications control platform they should centralize their enterprise communications environment around,” said Vishal Brown, the VP of professional services at Yorktel.

Yorktel has successfully demonstrated how the magic can be seen through a large screen. In the screen, several participants in a conference are shown signing in from different video communications platforms. It's also the only communications product that also integrates Microsoft Lync and Office 365. So, users who want to connect to VideoCloud can also sign in from their computers by using any of these two products while they communicate with other users that sign in from different UC suites.

VideoCloud comes in three versions:

  • VideoCloud Virtual Meeting Room lets customers meet on-demand through any H.323 or SIP-compliant desktop
  • VideoCloud Managed Conferencing Service allows customers to use cloud-based conferencing, bridging, call control, scheduling, incident management, and other features revolving around enterprise-level unified communications
  • VideoCloud B2B Service, which further extends the features of the Managed Conferencing Service by adding the ability to host external video conferences.

Yorktel's suite of products will offer new possibilities to businesses that come in a package that's easy to deploy and scalable. The company also offers public broadcasting and streaming media services for customers who seek a media presence.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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