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Arkadin Opens New Operations Center and Hosts Lync Webcast

May 20, 2013

As Arkadin continues to expand, it needs a new operations center. As such, it’s setting up a new primary regional operations center in Schaumburg, IL, where it will continue its advancement as it provides audio, Web and video conferencing services and unified communications solutions.

Arkadin is a collaboration service provider, offering a range of unified communications solutions and conferencing services for businesses of all sizes. Its services are delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, allowing them to be deployed quickly and scaled to the company’s needs.

The new location is at the Schaumburg Corporate Center, a major operational center in North America. It offers several corporate lifestyle features, such as conference facilities, a professional fitness center and room for its 130 area employees and any others that may join in later. This makes it a fine location for the new operations center, which will in all likeliness help the company grow even further.

"This is an important milestone in our growth strategy," said Mark Alexander, Arkadin's North American president. "Arkadin's North American revenue is growing rapidly at 137 percent year-over-year (2011-2013). This facility provides both the technical and professional environment we need to sustain this momentum and it underscores our commitment to our customers and our employees."

On a related note, Arkadin is also hosting an upcoming webcast, “How to Integrate Lync-based UC into Your Business.” There, people will learn how to use Lync to make the most out of messaging, conferencing, voice, chat, mobility, presence and collaboration.

During the webcast, attendees will learn what a good unified communications solution needs, how they can implement it to save money and gain a quicker return on investment, options for deploying, scaling, and managing Lync, and more. It’s great for executives, those in IT/IS, and Procurement VPs, directors, and managers, but anyone looking to learn about Lync and UC can gain from it.

Arkadin seems to be busy these days, between the webcasts and relocation, but it’s a sign of its growth. The company has been rapidly expanding, hence the necessity of the relocation, which stands as a good sign for its health. We can likely expect to see it continue to grow and expand in the days to come, once it settles in to its new operations center.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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