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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

May 18, 2013

There is no other area of technology that is growing as fast as the unified communications (UC) space. Companies around the world are realizing that this platform, which encompasses key functions including instant messaging, video conferencing and intelligent presence, can help them to not only keep current customers happy, but continuously attract new ones.

This week in the space, it was revealed that high-definition video powered via the Web has been significantly enhanced. One the latest innovations to be unveiled is from Mozilla in conjunction with graphics firm OTOY. The twosome have created an application from the ground up that will enable Internet users to “stream HD video and apps on HTML5 supported browsers,” according to a recent blog post from UC expert Teo.

 When leveraging this next-generation app, users can turn to Adobe Photoshop without being forced to utilize any sort of plug-in. The post added, “It will also eliminate the need to use QuickTime and other video applications to watch HD video. Most browsers are HTML5 enabled, which means Mozilla's app will be accessible by a large portion of Internet users.”

In other news, it was highlighted that due to the increasing use of unified communications, businesses are now turning to webcasts as a way to cost effectively engage with a global customer base.

According to unified communications Contributing Writer Susan Campbell, “A webcast is the perfect tool to ensure you can reach a larger audience, whether within your geographic location or across the world. With the webcast optimized to reach the target market, you can also ensure your prospects are more likely to find you and your information. Thanks to the growing number of webcast applications available today, supporting production does not have to kill the marketing budget.”

Additionally, stored and archived content that was discussed during the webcast can be viewed for as a long and as often as the user wishes. This in turn makes it easy to see exactly the type of content that was highlighted during the event or enable someone who wasn’t present during the event to still benefit from the information presented.

Closing out the week, Thinking Phone Networks opened a new regional office in Amsterdam as well as penetrated markets within the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to bring intuitive cloud services to customers located overseas.

Moreover, Ronald Rubens will be reportedly taking on the role of vice president of the region and will be responsible for ensuring the new operations for Thinking Phone Networks, an expert in Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS), takes off without a hitch.

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the unified communications community, exclusively on unified communications!

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