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Echoworx Gives Global PGP Users Access to the Cloud

May 15, 2013

Echoworx, a provider of e-mail encryption services, will enable PGP to be used as a fully functioning cloud service.

Michael Ginsberg, CEO, Echoworx said, “We truly believe in an encryption world where everyone speaks the same language, oneWorld makes that possible. Taking PGP to the cloud brings huge value to organizations and individuals who know that encryption is critical but has no desire to manage complex deployments.”

Officials announced that both existing users of PGP and people who communicate with people leveraging PGP will benefit from the oneWorld system. Also existing PGP keys can be loaded into oneWorld. It can generate new ones easily as well, to provide seamless communication in various situations.

oneWorld uses their own PGP certificates to deliver encrypted messages and data to intended recipients. Because the the encryption occurs in oneWorld, there is no need for the sender to possess any encryption certificates, keys, or software.

The system works by detecting PGP certificates in the local repository, publically available LDAP directories and the Echoworx Global Directory.

“Ultimately our service enables companies to use PGP more effectively and as part of their overall cloud encryption story,” Ginsberg added.

Echoworx oneWorld helps enterprises optimize encryption and path-of-delivery between sender and recipient. Several other encryption options are offered to customers in addition to PGP. This can be changed anytime, and each option can be individually enabled and combined, providing a unique profile for each sending enterprise.

The PGP features of oneWorld include its ability to convert on-premise PGP deployments to the cloud while maintaining unique identities and its capacity to allow an enterprise to upload all existing PGP keys to the oneWorld cloud. It can generate more keys whenever a new identity is needed, and it keeps all key management features, like rollover, automatic and transparent.

These capabilities facilitate the identification of recipients in global PGP directories and other public enterprise PGP directories, and allow recipients to upload their own key to oneWorld when it is not available in a Public Directory. Also, the presence of multiple signing modes enables both end-user and enterprise signatures.

Edited by Blaise McNamee