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Companies Looking to Cut Costs Turn to Unified Communications

May 07, 2013

There are many things remaining on the forefront of the minds of business decision makers, including ramping up profits and slashing expenses. The latter reason is exactly why more and more firms by the day are beginning to leverage a robust unified communications (UC) platform and, as findings from a recent DataCore survey show, this spike in usage will most likely continue to increase as the temperatures heat up outside.

In fact, survey results show that in spite of the fact that last year only 14 percent of IT professionals responded that they want to reduce costs related to IT storage, that number has risen by 20 percent in 2013. However, an interesting point to highlight here is that when attempting to transition to a virtualized environment, only 45 percent of IT professionals claim to have been dead-on in regards to how much it actually cost to store this key information. This in turn negatively impacted the operational costs of multiple companies.

As mobility is now being fully embraced within the enterprise environment, the requirement for various servers to hold this data is still there. Yet when implementing a UC platform, you can do and store much more while having less resources in place.

“By using various forms of unified communications, companies can control IT spending that can be reallocated to help provide more storage options,” a recent blog post from Teo stated.

 Look for example at just one aspect of UC: conferencing. No matter if it is Web, audio or video, the utilization of this next-generation solution enables a geographically separated workforce to interact with colleagues and customers via face-to-face communication rapidly. Without having to physically travel to each client’s headquarters, organizations can significantly reduce costs related to traveling around the world. According to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, every business trip that mandates traveling on a major airline can cost approximately $1,000 per employee. So just think about how much capital these business trips demand if you multiply that by, say, 10 workers.

Other advantages can be seen with this offering in place, including higher levels of productivity, more satisfied customers, and efficiency within company-wide operations brought to a heightened level. “From saving money to increasing employee production, Web-based video is a must-have for any business,” the post added.

For those of you out there looking to migrate to a UC system, you should take a closer look at Teo’s innovative suite. Coming complete with an ultra high level of scalability and an easy to understand pricing model, every business that forms a partnership with the unified communications provider will quickly become a fully empowered UC user.

Edited by Alisen Downey