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May 04, 2013

As mobility continues to be embraced by companies around the world, unified communications (UC) is proving to be key in driving efficiency throughout an entire enterprise. Not only do UC platforms enable workers to remain connected from anywhere at any time, but it has enabled productivity levels to soar through the roof.

This week in the space, statistics from Infonetics Research were released, highlighting that the VoIP space grew by nearly nine percent last year throughout the world. One of the primary reasons for this expansion seems to be the reduced costs associated with leveraging this next-generation platform. In fact, VoIP, in conjunction with unified communications (UC), can yield many benefits once a business begins to leverage it, including streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, and communication via an array of channels like video and audio conferencing, e-mail and instant messaging.

Also, due to the fact that VoIP and unified communications technology is powered via the Web, “it is possible for a business to fully integrate the system with other communication software. For example, if an existing customer calls the business to place a new order, the caller ID on the VoIP telephone will immediately identify the caller. This will automatically access the customer’s information, including contact address, previous orders and preferences from an integrated information system,” a report revealed. As a result, this important data is then easily viewable by the agent interacting with the specific customer, and they are provided with all of the data needed to not only overcome problems or complaints but also help them to close a sale.

In other news, in a survey titled “2013 Enterprise Portals Usage Survey,” online market research company uSamp questioned over 500 panelists in the U.S. and U.K. about the ways in which they are utilizing video currently, how they will use it in the future, and the obstacles they typically run into when leveraging this next-generation platform.

The findings included the following:

  •  9 out of 10 respondents revealed they have seen a high amount of value after implementing video into their business
  • Most wish they could use video conferencing to a further extent but feel as if there aren’t enough solutions out there to enable them to develop and share video rapidly
  • Many have uploaded videos while at their workplace but have been forced to first overcome several challenges related to viewing it without complexity

 Furthermore, inquiring into the ways video can be used could prove advantageous. 64 percent of participants want to uses videos to train new employees, while 44 percent believe video could potentially streamline human resource functions as well as employee benefits communications, and 40 percent want video to improve internal communications.

Closing out the week, AltiGen Communications, Inc., a provider of integrated Microsoft-based unified communications solutions, broke the exciting news that its MaxACD contact center for Lync solution has been deployed by OBT Anywhere. OBT Anywhere is a provider of hosted Lync services to cloud-based call centers in North America, Asia and Australia.

You may be asking what is MaxAC? The offering is touted as a robust contact center solution that seamlessly integrates a variety of applications into a single platform. In turn, users that leverage this offering can reduce costs, ramp up flexibility and drive customer satisfaction. Also, the product can be utilized as either on-premises or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

 "We look forward to working closely with AltiGen and enabling businesses to reap the benefits of running native Lync Voice with AltiGen for both the multi-tenant and virtually dedicated environment," according to Shane Muller, founder and CEO, OBT Anywhere. "Moving forward, organizations will now be able to integrate all Lync native endpoints and devices and incorporating Lync Mobility and Lync Conferencing with video as well as Exchange Unified Messaging, and all with multi-regional capability.”

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the unified communications community, exclusively on unified communications!

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