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Employees See Value for Video in the Enterprise

May 01, 2013

Nine out of ten survey respondents see a value for video in the enterprise, according to the April 2013 Enterprise Portals Usage Survey by business video platform provider Qumu.

According to the findings, 80 percent of the employees are engaged, prepared or ready for both the creation and sharing of video.

But this survey of more than 500 end-users of systems such as Microsoft SharePoint shows that about half do not have the relevant knowledge or tools to be successful using the technology. Only 12 percent said that they had never uploaded a video to their portal platform, and nearly two-thirds of video uploaders faced problems.

The majority of respondents complained of the absence of tools or platforms that can support the effective creation and sharing of video; and more than half of respondents expect better support for streaming video from their organization.

Some 64 percent of the employees want video training for office workers and 44 percent want video for human resources. Another 40 percent of employees want video-based executive and internal communications and 38 percent think video will improve project and departmental communications.

Qumu advises enterprises to plan and invest in order to create a video-friendly environment for their employees. They should choose a platform that can consolidate video functions into a single environment.

This environment, says Qumu, will facilitate the central management of video and rich media assets through their life cycle.

“The industry research tells us that employees are ready; now, companies need to follow their lead and start deploying the tools and resources to meet employee demand,” said Vern Hanzlik, senior vice president and general manager at Qumu.

unified communications special guest contributor Eric Burns, CTO at Panopto, wrote a piece on this very topic last month. Burns elaborates on the reasons why this is an important year for enterprise video.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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