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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

April 27, 2013

For a business to survive these days, it needs to be able to do more with fewer resources available to it. And that’s why unified communication (UC) systems are increasing in popularity as the temperature outside continues to heat up. A UC suite enables companies throughout the globe to see advantages ranging from increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs to much more streamlined operations overall.

Let’s take a peek at what went on in the ever-expanding space this week, shall we?

First up, research firm Frost & Sullivan presented Plantronics, an audio communications provider for businesses and consumers, with a Visionary Innovation Award due to its continuous push forward within both the UC industry and customer care overall. This prestigious recognition is only given to businesses that are able to pinpoint trends, and then immediately take the actions needed to address the increasing demands that yield from them before competitors. 

“This award validates our impact on unified communications and the importance of delivering products that are easy for people to use,” said Ken Kannappan, president and CEO of Plantronics. “We appreciate the recognition of the contributions we have made delivering exceptional audio and playing a critical role in improving productivity.”

Plantronics has long been known for its Voyager Legend product as well as its Smart Sensor technology, an offering touted as making it possible to detect when a headset is being used, in order to route calls to agents more efficiently.

In other news, it was revealed that unified communications is helping parents as well as schools keep their money in hand as opposed to paying electric and other bills with it.

In fact, according to a study completed by researchers at the University of Florida, online classes are being highlighted as extremely cost-effective. Comparing a typical public school education to classes that took place completely via the Web and wouldn’t be as efficient without video conferencing in place, the numbers are pretty staggering, coming in at $9,100 a year for the former compared with only $4,300 for the same time frame online.

As customers and students alike continue to embrace different and newly introduced communications channels including voice, video and Web conferencing to drive collaboration while simultaneously cutting costs, you can bet that the video conferencing space will be steadily growing

Last but not least, Orange Business Services has formed a strategic alliance with 3M that will drive both collaboration and productivity throughout its geographically separated employee base.

3M, a firm that works with various companies throughout multiple industries, realized it was in need of a product that could reduce the complexity associated with encouraging interaction among its workforce for a cost-effective price.

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