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Video Conferencing Now Assisting Parents in Saving Hard-Earned Cash

April 24, 2013

While many adolescents these days are totally oblivious that money doesn’t actually grow on trees, and that one day the burden of both their eating and living situation will all be placed upon their own shoulders, unified communications technology such as video conferencing is coming to the rescue.

Not only can this technological innovation allow corporations throughout the world to reduce expenses related to physically traveling to each and every client location, but it is proving to be helping parents as well as schools keep their money in hand as opposed to paying electric and other bills with it.

In fact, according to a study completed by researchers at the University of Florida, online classes are being highlighted as extremely cost-effective. Comparing a typical public school education to classes that took place completely via the Web and wouldn’t be as efficient without video conferencing in place, the numbers are pretty staggering coming in at $9,100 a year for the former compared with only $4,300 for the same time frame.

"Online programs have little or no cost for instructional facilities, transportation and related staff," Catherine Cavanaugh, associate professor at the University of Florida said in a recent Teo blog post. "The value of distance education also increases when considering the broad range of available online courses."

It is highly likely that as time passes, more and more institutions of learning will adopt the video-conferencing trend as a way to enable students to learn from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. The next-generation solution can also reduce the amount of times a student shows up late to class, since all he or she has to do is walk over to their computer and turn it on. The number of classes that are completely skipped are even less likely, since an enrolled individual probably wouldn’t attend an important session remotely.

There’s also the money factor to consider.

“Partners can expand revenue opportunities and differentiation with this new capability, and further demonstrate the real business value of video for your customers,” said Richard McLeod in a separate blog. “Conferencing via video improves not only internal productivity, but also significantly enhances B2B communications between companies, their suppliers and customers. You can also offer multiple consumption models with new on-demand meeting services that create affordable conferencing options for businesses of all sizes.”

As customers and students alike continue to embrace different and newly introduced communication channels including voice, video and Web conferencing to drive collaboration while simultaneously cutting costs, you can bet that the video conferencing space will be steadily growing.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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