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Asahi Technologies Launches Multichannel Communication Solutions Using Tropo API

April 15, 2013

Asahi Technologies, a New York Web design and development company, has launched Tropo-based application development services. The cloud-based API, Tropo, can be used with Web and mobile applications to add Web and text messaging functionalities.

Deployment of multichannel communications and Web-based telephony apps is becoming popular these days. To communicate with contacts and customers, companies are incorporating voice, SMS, IM and social networks features into their applications. Tropo-based voice and SMS apps are easy to use, and come up with competitive pricing and support plans.

Tropo provides a simple Web API and its subscription-based pricing allows businesses to make and receive phone calls and text messages from any Web or mobile application. It can recognize voices in 24 languages, can enable text to speech conversions, conferencing, recording and transcription. Tropo is easily installable by hosting the code with Tropo or by using an existing Web server. With a few simple commands, the apps will be enabled with real-time communications functionality.

Some of the benefits that businesses can get from cloud API include increased reach of voice and text based communications services, faster innovations and reduced hurdles during service creation and improved relevance to a firm’s contacts and customers by leveraging developer innovation and economics. 

Additionally, application features and functionalities provided by Tropo offer a lot of excitement to third party developers. Striving to exceed customer expectations, the Tropo developers at Asahi Technologies develop high performance custom voice and text API communication systems for worldwide customers at affordable cost. “Our Tropo-based robust multichannel communication solutions help businesses to deliver excellent voice and text based services that positively impact their bottom line growth,“ said Mr. Vinod Subbaiah, the CEO and Founder of Asahi Technologies, in a statement.

Asahi Technologies is also providing a free online consultation to clients letting them understand their development options.

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