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Mott MacDonald Selects Tata Communications for its UC Needs

April 15, 2013

Tata Communications Ltd. has just earned a great deal, having been selected by Mott MacDonald to be its global telecommunications partner. This deal will last for five years, and is worth over $20 million, creating new levels of global collaboration while giving both companies a nice competitive edge.

Mott MacDonald, a global management, engineering and development consultancy, picked Tata Communications for its range of integrated and unified communications solutions, which help consolidate multiple regional solutions into a single platform. Tata Communications’ solution will now host Mott Macdonald’s managed services in five data centers around the world, providing MPLS, Internet and voice.

Each data center is colocated for improved resiliency, and together form central hubs that house all of the company’s cloud-based applications. These applications can then be accessed remotely, with Employee Authentication Services that are kept secure by the Managed Security Services from Tata.

Furthermore, the centralized hubs act as global voice gateways. This allows Mott MacDonald to use the global inbound and outbound IP voice capabilities from Tata Communications, communicating more affordably and effectively across the world while saving money.

"Effective centralization of systems only works when you have a solid and robust telecommunications infrastructure to underpin the business activity,” explained Claude Sassoulas, Managing Director of Tata Communications in Europe. “What we have created for Mott MacDonald is a solution that not only improves architecture, availability, capacity, performance and management of the network but also builds a level of integrated communication and collaboration that will power the business both now and in the future.”

“It is a major undertaking that will use all of our experience in delivering centralized IP voice and data services worldwide, across a range of emerging and regulated markets,” Sassoulas added.

Mott MacDonald has offices and projects around the world, so it needs the best telecommunications solutions available. It believes that Tata Communications can provide just that, and from the solutions Tata has available, it’s a nice choice. It can help improve global communication and provide a solid competitive advantage, while helping both companies improve.

Edited by Braden Becker

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