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April 12, 2013

As I pointed out in recent posts, UC is becoming a key factor in next-generation contact centers that must now support mobile consumers. This direction was very evident at the very successful Enterprise Connect show, where Voxeo, an innovative provider of self-service application development technology, was judged “Best of Show.” 

While person-to-person business communications are still important, there are bigger benefits to be realized from the fact that consumers are rapidly becoming both mobile and multi-modal, and will want well-designed mobile self-service applications, rather than always requiring access to a person to get or enter information.

Of course, what makes self-service applications work better than either the old and limited IVR applications, and even online apps, is the flexibility in mobile user interfaces supported by smartphones and tablets, as well as practical options for seamless access to live assistance when needed.

The technology tools for implementing such capabilities are still evolving. Business organizations will require assistance in planning and integrating the new communication technologies that are complex and require experience that is not readily available within most IT organizations.

This is, of course, particularly true for smaller SMB organizations that never had large IT staffs in the first place.

However, ALL organizations, large and small, have to support the new demands of their mobile consumers/customers, using multi-modal smartphones and tablets.

Finally, the “clouds” are rapidly becoming the universal framework for all communications and business process applications. For my perspective of customer interactions in the “clouds,” see my recent white paper for Echopass, a leading provider of managed contact center services.

Big Opportunities for VARs, Consultants, SIs as Channel Partners

While communication vendors are rapidly moving into the cloud-based services space, they are also frantically looking for channel partners who can support user organizations on an ongoing service basis. This opportunity will be highlighted at the upcoming annual “UC Summit” taking place on an invitation basis for VARs, Consultants, and SIs in La Jolla April 28-May 1.

This will be a unique opportunity for channel partners to extend their relationships with both vendors and other channel partners in order to benefit from the changes that UC and mobile communications are bringing to business communications. In particular, I will be presenting the case for helping business organizations implement mobile, self-service applications that will be dominating the next generation of contact center activities.

For more information and an application to be invited as a guest to this unique conference, please check out this link

Edited by Braden Becker

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