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Unified Communications is On the Rise

April 02, 2013

The growth of the small business in times of economic strain is a sure sign of recovery. For the small business that has adopted new ways to communicate with colleagues and customers, the opportunities for expansion are unlimited. The key to leveraging the potential in these opportunities is recognizing the important tools that must first be in place. 

According to this Teo Tech article, even the most advanced communication tools are both accessible and affordable. In fact, access to unified communications based on VoIP technology can reduce the overall cost of interactions for the enterprise and the small- to medium-sized business (SMB). The most commonly used tools include voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), enterprise mobility solutions and video conferencing. 

In fact, a number of industry reports suggest that VoIP has been a key business tool for small businesses in developing nations. Smaller operations in South Africa, for instance, have implemented VoIP as the optimal channel to support clear communications and solid collaboration at lower costs. Unified communications overall is seen as an essential technology to help drive economic growth in most countries, including those in North America and Europe. 

At the same time, mobility is on the steady increase throughout the world and VoIP service providers continue to develop options compatible with mobile devices. For businesses in South Africa and other developing nations, VoIP services are more accessible. To ensure long term growth and sustainability, however, these businesses need more than just access to VoIP. They also need a proven UC platform in place.

Unified communications provide a centrally managed and controlled strategy to ensure efficiency and cohesion. As the use of this suite ensures the most productive and optimal use of all technology in place at a given organization, these solutions are experiencing widespread and rapid adoption rates. Businesses are enjoying the streamlined approach to communications and the benefits the single-vendor approach provides. 

So powerful are the results from the implementation of VoIP and UC that the market is expected to continue to expand in coming years, according to this unified communications article. Smaller firms are definitely adopting at a much faster pace, contributing to the strong growth Infonetics Research captured in its report, “Service Provider VoIP and IMS Equipment and Subscribers.”

Diane Myers, a principal analyst at Infonetics Research, shared in a statement, "As we predicted, after three years of annual declines, the carrier VoIP and IMS equipment market turned the corner in 2012, growing 9 percent over the previous year due to strong IMS sales. It's still early days for IMS equipment and applications for LTE, but a handful of operators are placing orders that are positively impacting revenue."

Communication is still the lifeblood of any successful business, ensuring longevity for those service providers able to deliver on expectations. As new innovations continue to play an important role in this space, VoIP adoption is not expected to wane, placing even more demand on the availability of unified communications.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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