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Primus Business Services Launches Primus Softphone for Apple iPhone and Google Android

March 28, 2013

Provider of full service voice and data solutions, Primus Business Services has launched Primus Softphone for Apple iPhone and Google Android.

Nilpa Srivastava, vice president at Primus Business Services, said that by launching Primus Softphone, the company is furthering its promise of delivering rich, unified communications anytime, on any device and from any place.

To the users of Android and iPhone, the companies can now securely extend voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calling and private branch exchange (PBX) features. With Primus Softphone, hosted PBX (HPBX) customers can recreate the “in-office” environment, according to company officials.

Moreover, users can also make -- and also receive -- voice calls from their computers or mobile devices through a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data connection.

 “Primus Softphone enables our HPBX customers to realize significant cost savings, and enhanced productivity by extending all of the benefits that customers enjoy on their desktops to any mobile device,” Srivastava said.

Since it seamlessly integrates with Hosted PBX, the newest offering provides users the benefit of complete control, allowing them to modify HPBX features such as call forwarding from their mobile softphones.

Additionally, users can access time saving features, including four-digit extension calling, company voicemail, call transfers and audio conferencing. Plus, through a call continuity feature, they can move calls between their desktop and mobile softphones.

The newest offering leverages CounterPath's industry-standard Bria softphone technology. Plus, it comes with an intuitive interface, providing quick access to in-call management features such as add call, mute, hold and speakerphone.

“With this partnership, CounterPath is providing Primus with technology solutions that will help their customers to always be connected while saving money,” said Todd Carothers, executive vice president of marketing and products at CounterPath

Last year in May, Primus Business Services introduced Hosted PBX suite of call center services.

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