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Unified Communications Specialist Teo Talks Video Conferencing

March 27, 2013

Companies these days are increasingly turning to an innovative unified communications (UC) suite to drive profits and keep their competitive edge. One of the most popular next-generation solutions within UC is video conferencing since it allows for much more efficient communication and collaboration to take place within corporations spread throughout the globe.

In a recent blog post from UC provider Teo, it was revealed that firms turning to a conferencing platform are increasingly demanding “a middle ground between expensive in-room systems and free, mobile-oriented options.” To accomplish these goals, businesses are developing fully customizable solutions that work on top of specific video conferencing suites.

Hence, in spite of the fact that video conferencing has become an increasingly popular way for employees to engage with a geographically separated client base, it is vital that the approach taken to implement this system can yield a significant return on investment (ROI) while powering an extremely professional business image.

"It's about the level of professional presentation and the ability to stream and have that more immersive experience," Ross Forgione, CIO of law firm Johnson Winter and Slattery,?commented. "If I'm using Skype to talk to my dad, I don't care if it goes click sometimes or the connection goes down. When you're in a corporate environment and you're doing deals or you're looking out for the best interests of your client, the clarity of the image and the distribution of that content adds to the message you're driving towards. It's almost a chalk and cheese scenario; I don't believe you can compare the two."

 In order to present a flattering business image, companies must first outline what areas of operations can be improved when utilizing a video conferencing solution. Further, ease of use is key to users wishing to benefit from the intuitive platform in a short period of time.

Last month, unified communications reported that conferencing is spreading like wildfire. Traveling down under, the Australian Parliament has seen many advantages from turning to unified communications. The decision was made after Parliament Member Bill Shorten realized that nearly $235,000 was wasted in only half of a year as spent on specific travel-related expenses.

However, with video conferencing in place, traveling costs were cut down by nearly half last year when compared to the previous year.

Heading back to the shores of the United States, the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen has also decided to try out video conferencing within its legal system in Dodge County Circuit Courts in Wisconsin. Now making the service available to five prisons in the county, the efforts have already been largely successful as it allowed for lower overheads and more efficient operations overall.

As the weather heats up here on the East Coast, you can bet the UC space will be getting just as hot.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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