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MEDL Announces "Hang w/" A Live Video Social Media Platform

March 20, 2013

"Hang w/" live, a social mobile video platform that allows live real-time video sent from onephone to many, from anywhere at any time, is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

This announcement was made by MEDL Mobile, a specialist in the creation, development, marketing and monetization of mobile apps. The long expected launch of this new app provides MEDL with an important new channel of advertising revenue.

MEDL Mobile aims at making this platform a premier social media network for people around the globe to connect, communicate and share experiences via live streaming broadcasts – and also to enable celebrities and public figures to easily monetize their fan bases.

The idea of anyone becoming a broadcaster and/or a follower is quite catchy among users, and the platform stands powerful yet simple. It works this way – when a follower receives a notification that the broadcaster is live it has the option of viewing a short pre-roll advertisement before watching a live video feed sent directly from the broadcaster's smartphone camera. After this, the follower can chat with the broadcaster and other followers during the broadcast. A post-roll advertisement ends the broadcast.

In addition, the user will also be able to send messages directly from the app to Facebook and Twitter as events happen live on Hang w/, using the power of social media to rapidly grow the platform's user base.

"Streaming live video is definitely the hot category in the social media space," said Andrew Maltin, CEO. "There's nothing quite like being able to watch someone live, comment on the action as it happens, get actual responses from the broadcaster and have a conversation with other viewers. And the fact that it's purely mobile means that Hang w/ is where today's users are - on their phones."

"We've watched as actors, dancers, musicians, models, sports stars, agents and all sorts of personalities have all taken to the platform and begun Hanging With each other," continued Maltin. "And we're thrilled that even more celebrities and millions of new users can now jump onboard."

Those who are interested can download the Hang w/ from Apple App Store or by clicking here

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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