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BroadSoft UC-One IMBS Helps Mobile Operators and Employees Work Better From Anywhere

March 19, 2013

BroadSoft, Inc. is bringing a new fixed mobile convergence solution to mobile operators. The UC-One IMS is a comprehensive solution that lets mobile operators provide a single subscription for an employee’s UC needs, separating communication devices from service subscribers for enterprises.

UC-One IMBS providers enterprises with the power to leverage a mobile operator’s FMC capabilities in order to manage each employee’s single communications service subscription. As such, they can lower telecommunications costs by eliminating the need for a fixed and wireless subscription for employees, and simplify enterprise management of UC services.

Not only that, but UC-One IMBS helps employees work from anywhere on any device. It provides users access to all their UC services from whichever device they so choose, so it works very well in BYOD and telecommuting environments.

Mobile operators also benefit from UC-One IMS, thanks to the enhanced services opening up new opportunities for revenue. They can offer services that include integrated instant messaging and presence, video calling, Web collaboration and other similar services with existing voice offers, thus improving customer satisfaction while making more. They can also offer higher margin enterprise services, helping turn their LTE network investments into payoffs quickly.

"There is an undeniable enterprise shift currently underway from premise-based communications services to cloud-enabled mobile Unified Communications,” explains BroadSoft’s president and CEO, Michael Tessler, “and UC-One IMS powerfully extends the benefits of the cloud by enabling enterprises to manage a single communications service subscription for their employees, in turn driving down their telecommunications costs and management complexity. For mobile operators, UC-One IMS unlocks new revenue opportunities, and we believe this will shift the initial target market segment served by LTE networks to enterprises from consumer, which means that mobile and converged operators can more quickly monetize their LTE network investments."

The UC-One IMS is built on BroadSoft’s UC-One platform, and combines fixed-mobile convergence for 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks with a UC user experience, APIs made for supporting open networks, and a market-ready offering. It’s a potent combination that can meet the needs of a wide range of enterprise segments, creating a solution that’s great for users and operators alike.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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