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CommuniGate Systems Inks Deal with GuruCube

March 18, 2013

CommuniGate Systems, developer of unified messaging technology, signed a new partnership agreement with GuruCube, a company based in Italy which offers hosting and Web solutions to the Italian and Latin American markets.

Under this partnership GuruCube and CommuniGate Systems will be working together to build new secure cloud messaging and groupware propositions for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) in Italy, Latin America, Europe and the US.

CommuniGate Systems has been helping hosting providers create and take to market new services that capitalize on the growing demand for secure, cloud based communication tools. This new partnership deal with GuruCube is one such initiation by the company.

“We have been working hard to find innovative, forward-thinking hosting providers to partner with.” Carlo Petrolo, Business Development, CommuniGate Systems said in a statement.

 “The partnership with GuruCube is very exciting, they have an excellent knowledge of their markets and we are working closely with them to launch exciting new services that help us both grow into new territories,” Petrolo added.

With CommuniGate Systems’ Unified Messaging software, CommuniGate Pro and its open-source cPanel Adaptor Kit, GuruCube will now be able to develop new revenue streams, attract new customers and stop the migration of customers to providers like Microsoft and Google.

"Being able to more than double our capacity while adding new features is not only incredible but just gave us additional room to grow without new investments", Roberto Minoletti, chief executive officer at GuruCube Srl stated.

GuruCube has been looking for ways to capitalize on the rapid rise of mobile e-mail and the need for secure, private cloud instant messaging. The company believes that CommuniGate Systems’ experience and advice is proving to be really valuable, and its software is simply outstanding in its virtualized environments.

Through this partnership, GuruCube will now have much greater flexibility and knowledge in order to create new services that meet the new market demands and fit its business model.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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