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Tango Telecom Provides Messaging for XL Axiata

March 18, 2013

Tango Telecom is taking its next generation messaging platform to Indonesia, delivering its iAX platform to XL, part of the Axiata group. This was made possible with help from Lintas Teknologi, a local partner of Tango, and will help improve XL’s message delivery.

Now, Tango’s advanced iAX Next Generation Messaging Platform will be used by XL Axiata to improve its message delivery, making it more efficient and scalable to the needs of the ever-growing subscriber base. XL Axiata Tbk. is one of the largest cellular providers in Indonesia, so it’s in need of a system that can keep up with its network. Fortunately, Tango provided just that.

Tango Telecom announced this new endeavor during the Irish Government’s Trade Mission to Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. It has a wide network of partner operators around the world, such as America Movil, Telefonica O2, and Indosat, but it’s thanks to Lintas Teknologi that it was able to reach out to XL Axiata and provide its services.

“Tango Telecom’s solution offered us the unrivalled performance, scalability and the advanced feature set needed to enable us to provide the highest service levels to our subscriber base as we continue to grow,” says Hermansyah, XL Axiata’s VP of Network Development.

“The system was quickly deployed and rapidly integrated with our growing network. With Tango Telecom, we can provide a better service to our customers.”

The iAX is a great messaging platform, providing scalability and efficient delivery of messages to and from virtually anywhere. It should prove very helpful to XL Axiata, which has a vast customer base that provides a constant demand for its services. It’s always good to see companies working together from across the world for the benefit of companies and customers alike.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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