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New LiveHive Solution Drives Collaboration for a Smarter Workplace

March 13, 2013

LiveHive Inc recently introduced the LiveHive solution which has been designed to drive collaboration by bringing different kinds of content into one visual and accessible workspace. Irrespective of their location, workers can quickly access the LiveHive solution via a Web browser, or over their tablet or smartphone thus driving productivity of an enterprise.

In a statement, Ramon Nunez, CEO of LiveHive, said that, "Whether it's e-mail, files in the cloud, desktop files, or photos on your mobile, content today is consumed in many different forms and lives in many different places which can prevent companies from efficiently collaborating. LiveHive takes inspiration from some of the best consumer apps on the market to make collaboration a visual and engaging experience."

Users leveraging LiveHive will be able to create visual and social workspaces with virtually any type of file or document. The company will provide users who sign up for LiveHive three workspaces with up to 300 items free for life. They solution will also be provided in three pricing plans based on the kind of usage it requires.

Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group said that, "Today, the content we use for collaboration is stored everywhere from e-mail, social networks, cloud storage, desktops, and mobile devices. LiveHive's approach to bring all of our content together into a uniquely visual and accessible workspace should be a welcome solution that increases workflow efficiency and caters to the growing BYOD trend."

Highlighting capabilities of the LiveHive solution include - easy addition of webpages, documents, links, videos, e-mail, Google Docs, chats, audio files, among other such content into a workspace without the need for changing the original form and structure; sharing of workspaces and greater control over sharing of content and defining permission levels for guests in the workspace; easy collection of content via drag and drop option and users can also capture and link webpage; and integration of Google apps such as Google Docs and Google Contacts.

Additionally, the solution has been designed to feature a Dropbox and users can easily access and add Google Drive files to their workspaces and can access workspaces over any Kindle, Android, or iOS device. Users leveraging LiveHive will also be able to capture webpages from any mobile device and include these into their workspace regardless of their location.

Edited by Brooke Neuman