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Lango Adds Images to Text Messaging

March 12, 2013

Lango’s new mobile app is ready for the iPhone and Android devices. This app lets users text with daily content based off the latest news and trends, connecting words and phrases with appropriate imagery before texting and posting their messages.

Lango turns communication and news into textable images, complete with social sharing for Facebook and Twitter. With its “Essence Engine,” it suggests custom images for each message, so users don’t have to search through collections before finding any worth sharing.

There are a few options for messages from Lango, which it describes as “Spark” and “Flair.”

The Spark ones use banner-like images, and interprets the text to find an associated picture. Users can change the emphasized word or picture chosen for peer-to-peer texting.

Flair provides word-over-picture images, wherein the message itself is superimposed over a chosen photo. It describes them as “meme-like,” although whether or not that holds true depends on the kind of Internet memes you are familiar with.

From the way it’s described, calling it an image macro would seem more appropriate.

Users can purchase Lango coins from the virtual store, including Premium Packs that include specific kinds of images, ranging from sports to steampunk, and everything in between.

The app itself is free, but in order to make the most out of it, one would have to spend some money for all the images it can offer.

"Standard texting is old school and boring," proclaimed Dr. Udi Graff, Chairman and CEO at Lango. "Even the ability to send free messages is standard these days, but Lango elevates it to the next level. Lango generates fresh daily content that turns what's happening right now into unique messageable images. Lango is a unique platform for its users' self-expression."

While Lango might not be the best messaging app for professionals, there are plenty of young adults and teenagers who would enjoy it. Adding images to messages helps convey emotion, adds visual context, and can often just be fun.

Whether or not Lango will be the next big thing has yet to be seen, but it’s sure to find a customer base.

Edited by Braden Becker

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