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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

March 02, 2013

Just like firms must remain profitable and continually expand their footprint, they also should leverage a unified communications suite to drive collaboration and communications amongst the entire workforce and customer base.

This week in the rapidly growing space, it was revealed that a strategic alliance was formed between unified communications provider Teo and the Salesforce suite that will help to significantly raise the bar on a variety of sales and support-related business tasks. Many Teo customers already use Salesforce, a popular platform that encompasses customer relationship management software as well as cloud computing functions to help organizations throughout the world expand their footprint. In addition, companies that turn to this offering can automate the sales process overall, which in turn, yields a much higher degree of profits and improved customer satisfaction.

According to Thomas Beck, director of Marketing and Business Development, Teo, “The vision we have at Teo goes well beyond unifying voice, video, IM, and unified messaging across the device landscape. We are driving the next generation of workplace productivity by offering ready to use integrations with a wide variety of popular business applications. The Salesforce CRM integration is one such example, with many more to come.”

In related news, Easymeeting.net formed a partnership with Perfect Video Conferencing (PVC) in order to raise the bar on HD video sales and integration services. Video conferencing is a vital component of any UC system, allowing geographically separated individuals to speak and view each other in a face-to-face manner while they could be located thousands of miles apart.

In fact, the conference services from Easymeeting.net enable three to 30 participants to interact within the same conference, and if a business needs to, this number can be increased by adding ports. It is also touted as being able to be seamlessly integrated with Win/Mac, iPhone and iPads.

Closing out the week, it was revealed that before beginning to leverage a next generation platform powering various UC capabilities, companies throughout every vertical must be aware of best practices that pertain to setting up these phone services. While the ultimate decision regarding the way in which the system will be powered and the capabilities it will provide are closely tied to the individual organization’s needs, flexibility, scalability and accessibility must all be closely analyzed.

 A recent blog post from unified communications provider Teo added, “There a variety of options that will help companies integrate VoIP into overall communications strategies like those that incorporate Internet services, mobility and messaging. Companies considering VoIP adoption often benefit from unified communications (UC) solutions, as these products help streamline all devices and software in use among employees. Many experts believe that the growing popularity of other business communications technology, including VoIP, instant messaging and video conferencing, will create a greater need for UC solutions.”

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the unified communications community, exclusively on unified communications!

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