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Unified Communications Provider Joins Forces with Salesforce CRM

March 01, 2013

What is a forward thinking unified communications provider that already works with most of the major Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, enterprise and smaller sized companies around the world to do in order to enhance its portfolio? Seamlessly integrate its robust, next generation suite with the SalesForce CRM offering, of course.

That is exactly what happened today in a strategic alliance that will help to significantly raise the bar on a variety of sales and support-related business tasks. Many Teo customers already use Salesforce, a popular platform that encompasses customer relationship management software as well as cloud computing functions to help organizations throughout the world expand their footprint. In addition, companies that turn to this offering can automate the sales process overall, which in turn, yields a much higher degree of profits and improved customer satisfaction.

According to Thomas Beck, director of Marketing and Business Development, Teo, “The vision we have at Teo goes well beyond unifying voice, video, IM, and unified messaging across the device landscape. We are driving the next generation of workplace productivity by offering ready to use integrations with a wide variety of popular business applications. The Salesforce CRM integration is one such example, with many more to come.”

Beck added, “While competing solutions are still rolling out basic UC applications, we are deepening our integrations capabilities with mission critical business functions. This drives not only increased ROI, but improves the worker experience by automating mundane and routine tasks.”

In order to keep a competitive edge while simultaneously measuring up to mobility demands from employees and consumers, unified communications is quickly becoming a necessity as opposed to a choice. A geographically distributed client base needs continuous access to a variety of communication channels in order to contact a business via whichever way they feel most comfortable. These can include e-mail, voice or video conferencing, instant messaging and fax.

In a recently released survey featured on Teo’s website, it was revealed that nearly 80 percent of individuals revealed they have used text messaging for at least one type of business-related process, while one-third went one step further, stating that they have actually closed deals with prospects via this rapid communication channel.

So what are the benefits of text messaging that are prompting businesses to leverage it without delay? First, it is pretty simple to get the hang of, as most people are already sending and receiving texts on a daily basis. Next, it is cheaper than many other options out there to get in touch with both colleagues and clients. Lastly, the intended message can be sent out in mere seconds, improving both efficiency and productivity levels with a company.

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