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CalAmp Unveils New Low-Cost Location Messaging Unit

February 27, 2013

CalAmp Corp., a provider of wireless products, services and solutions, at the Mobile World Congress Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona, unveiled a new low-cost, high-value quad-band cellular and GPS wireless communications product for various vehicle tracking applications, including vehicle finance, stolen vehicle recovery, remote start, auto leasing and fleet management.

Easy to install and ideal for cost-sensitive markets and applications worldwide, the new LMU-300 is a small profile tracking product and is designed to dramatically reduce cost, power and size while providing excellent field reliability and high-value features. 

"Leveraging industry-leading scale and proven designs, CalAmp is able to provide exceptionally high-performance track-and-trace technology in a low-cost platform, making global mobile resource management affordable for any application," said Greg Gower, Sr. vice president and general manager of CalAmp's mobile resource management (MRM) business, in a statement

Gower said that virtually any vehicle, cargo or remote asset can now be efficiently monitored nearly anytime and anywhere, allowing owners to keep constant watch over their fleets and high-value goods.

Officials with CalAmp said that LMU-300 leverages Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite tracking and cellular-based GSM/GPRS wireless communications for monitoring and tracking 12-volt vehicles, and other mobile assets.

Company officials said that the device employs CalAmp's PEG and PULS, the company's industry-leading embedded alert engine and over-the-air device configuration, control and management application, respectively.

Recently, CalAmp unveiled new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Application Programming Interface (API) software, which facilitates a high degree of device customization for various mobile resource management (MRM) andM2M applications including fleet management, insurance, industrial remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle recovery and remote start, lock and unlock.

The powerful M2M API will enable customers to easily optimize CalAmp's wireless devices for specific applications, helping them to quickly meet vertical market needs and differentiate their offerings. In addition, the M2M API will be very flexible and compatible with CalAmp's PEGembedded alert engine and both Linux and Android-based products.

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