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Easymeeting.net Partners with Perfect Video Conferencing

February 27, 2013

Video conferencing has literally shrunk the world for many companies and individuals all over the world. It has reduced the traveling time for employees and for the company, it saves valuable employee time and money spent on traveling. It also provides flexibility for employees who might want to work remotely.

Easymeeting.net has announced that the company has entered into a strategic partnership with Perfect Video Conferencing (PVC). Apart from adding value to Easymeeting.net’s existing products, this new partnership with Perfect Video Conferencing is also expected to improve Easymeeting.net’s sales initiatives.

Perfect Video Conferencing specializes in conventional HD video sales and integration services. Apart from that, the company also provides cloud solutions to HD Video requirements.

For PVC, Easymeeting.net offers a true cloud service. The company found the pricing by Easymeeting.net aggressive and simple to follow. The Easymeeting.net solutions can easily be modified to suit the different needs of the customers, the company has stated.

The conference services offered by Easymeeting.net allow three to 30 participants to participate in the same meeting. A company can also have larger meetings by simply adding ports and it is compatible with most of the video conferencing systems, Win/Mac, and iPhone/iPads

Easymeeting's V.P. of Business Development, Cody Loughlean also commented on the new partnership, “Perfect Video conferencing believes the same core values as Easymeeting.net; video conferencing should be easy, scalable and affordable. We look forward to working with the PVC team and building a lasting relationship between the two companies. In addition, they target the customers we cater to and we are excited to introduce our services to their existing and new customers." He adds, "We anticipate a successful future with PVC.”

Recently, the company reported about 200-percent increase in sales of its easyConference video conferencing system.

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