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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

February 16, 2013

Unified communication platforms are now looked at as a key element of any company’s strategic operations due to the fact that it helps to improve communication and collaboration amongst geographically separated workforces as well as a large customer base. As companies continue to see an array of benefits associated with these next-generation solutions such as reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction, it is highly likely that those firms who have yet to jump on the UC bandwagon will do so very soon.

This week in the space, a survey featured on unified communications expert Teo’s website revealed that nearly 80 percent of individuals revealed they have used text messaging for at least one type of business-related process while one third went one step further, stating they have actually closed deals with prospects via this rapid communication channel.

 So what are the benefits of text messaging that are prompting businesses to leverage it without delay? First, it is pretty simple to get the hang of as most people are already sending and receiving texts on a daily basis. Next, it is cheaper than many other options out there to get in touch with both colleagues and clients. Lastly, the intended message can be sent out in mere seconds, improving both efficiency and productivity levels with a company.

 "Texting is something I definitely incorporate as part of my everyday business communication with my colleagues and clients," Weichert Realtors Agent Joe Pulli commented. "Initially, I try to assess whether someone is open to texting as a means of communication so as not to assume that someone is equipped with a smartphone, data plan and/or the technical knowledge to text."

In other news, VXi Corporation’s UC ProSet corded headset was launched this week. It uses a LED light to show when someone is available—green means they are ready and waiting, orange represents they are currently on a call and red simply means stop right there when attempting to connect the incoming call to that individual. What this color scheme basically represents is a much higher level of efficiency that will ensure calls are routed to the most ideal agent at all times.

Closing out the week, telecommunications provider Voice Systems, Inc. was highlighted as a 2012 Diamond Partner by unified communications solutions company Vertical Communications.

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition from Vertical Communications, which has been a partner for us for many years,” said Richard Medeiros, president and chief executive officer at Voice Systems, in a statement. “We’ve had a productive 2012 and are well positioned to increase our business this year. Our sales team continues to work diligently to advocate Vertical’s unified communications and advanced mobility tools to the marketplace. We have every expectation that these new technologies, combined with our ability to satisfy the needs of New England-based businesses, will propel our growth in 2013.”

Based in Canton, Mass., Voice Systems powers a robust suite of telecommunications offerings and works in conjunction with businesses and municipalities situated in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

For all of the most vital breaking news in the industry, be sure to stay tuned to the unified communications community, exclusively on unified communications!

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