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Unified Communications, Text Messaging Highly Appealing to Global Workforces

February 12, 2013

In order to enhance not only communication but also collaboration amongst geographically dispersed workforces, unified communications is an invaluable tool. As its adoption rate increases by the day, this next-generation platform that encompasses instant messaging, audio Web and video conferencing, and find me/follow me features will continue to be implemented in companies in nearly every industry there is.

According to Nemertes Research, “Unified Communications has the potential to dramatically simplify and improve enterprise communications, reducing costs and improving revenue opportunities. By integrating various forms of communications, such as voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing, presence and voicemail, individuals and groups can more effectively control and manage their inbound and outbound communications sessions. Enterprises further stand to benefit from communications-enabled business processes, whereby the integration of communication services with enterprise business applications and processes lets business intelligence and presence awareness drive communications session management. “

Thus, businesses that take the UC bull by the horns while not only be able to dramatically slash costs but also retain this competitive advantage.

In a recently released survey featured on unified communications expert Teo’s website, it was revealed that nearly 80 percent of individuals  revealed they have used text messaging for at least one type of business-related process while one third went one step further, stating they have actually closed deals with prospects via this rapid communication channel.

So what are the benefits of text messaging that are prompting businesses to leverage it without delay? First, it is pretty simple to get the hang of as most people are already sending and receiving texts on a daily basis. Next, it is cheaper than many other options out there to get in touch with both colleagues and clients. Lastly, the intended message can be sent out in mere seconds, improving both efficiency and productivity levels with a company.

"Texting is something I definitely incorporate as part of my everyday business communication with my colleagues and clients," Weichert Realtors Agent Joe Pulli commented. "Initially, I try to assess whether someone is open to texting as a means of communication so as not to assume that someone is equipped with a smartphone, data plan and/or the technical knowledge to text."

Yet, just like a peanut butter sandwich is missing something without the jelly, the utilization of text messaging isn’t nearly as effective without a unified communications infrastructure backing it up. and video conferencing, a highly cost-effective way of being able to see the person you are looking to speak with, is just another extremely popular service firms are currently flocking to in order to reduce costs.

If you wish to gain access to all of these functions out more, I would suggest taking a closer look at Teo UC 4. This easy-to use, intuitive platform powers crucial capabilities such as e-mail, voicemail, voice conferencing, desk phones, mobile phones, soft phones, IM, fax, E911 notification and call recording, enabling mobile workers to work from anywhere and at anytime and remain just as integral to the organization as they would be if they were still sitting at their physical desk.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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