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Follow the Rabbit: New Chat Tool Simplifies Online Collaboration

February 07, 2013

Rabbit’s new video chat and content sharing application is available, but only for a closed beta. Those interested can sign up from its website, www.rabb.it, although it’s currently only available for Mac OS X users.

What makes Rabbit different from other video applications? For starters, it’s the only one that lets users share pretty much any and all content, including the usual business features, but also sharing music, videos or pretty much anything else.

This is all done through one-click sharing from the SharePad, making it quick and easy.

Users can also create or join rooms for video chats for group discussions, sharing music, or hosting online events. It can create public or private rooms, open to only friends or to anyone who logs in.

Although since this is the Internet we’re talking about, one should be very careful when joining public chat rooms once the beta ends.

Rabbit also allows users to hold multiple conversations at once. For those looking to join a conversation, they can hover over other people to see their common interests, or listen in to a conversation before joining.

Like other IM applications, it’s always on, so sharing and connecting with friends is simple.

"With Rabbit, we've pushed to completely reinvent everything about traditional video chat.  By leveraging what we learned developing some of the world's most successful social and multiplayer games, we transformed video chat from a mere utility into a truly immersive social experience," said Stephanie Morgan, cofounder of Rabbit. "Finally, there's a place to meet friends, share content, go to events, spend time together and discover cool new things, live – and all in a single application!  Rabbit is the first platform to deliver the real-life interaction of video chat with an entirely real-time social experience. This changes everything."

While the current version is only for Mac users, versions for the PC, Android and iOS are soon to follow.

Rabbit is certainly a new type of chat application, combining the best of Skype, chat roulette and more into a single, easy-to-use application. As it’s in its beta stages, there are still bugs to work out (no pun intended), but for those who want to get in from the start, now’s a great chance to apply for the beta testing.

Edited by Braden Becker

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