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VoIP Supply Lauds New LifeSize Icon 600 Series

February 04, 2013

Rising airfares are no longer a worry for companies as they have technology on their side. Various companies all over the world are switching to video conferencing and are reducing travel expenses and saving time.

VoIP Supply, a provider of VoIP equipments, has announced that the company is excited with the release of the new LifeSize Icon 600. VoIP Supply sells LifeSize Icon 600.

LifeSize Icon 600 makes video conferencing simpler and offers advanced video conferencing features at an affordable price. There are four versions of Icon 600 and those versions offer improved user experience and an easy to use user interface. Video conferencing enables users to manage a call from the start to end. It provides the ability to bring in new users in the middle of a call and search for contacts easily.

Along with the functions mentioned above, LifeSize Icon 600 also provides a personalized meeting schedule. This feature makes video calling extremely easy as calls can be initiated with a simple click of the mouse. It also provides meeting reminders in a pop up format, helping users to never miss a call again. Other features such as integrated meeting listings and a unified directory for name-based dialing are also available.

VoIP Supply is a well known VoIP solutions provider in North America and the company has served in excess of 100,000 customers all over the world. The products offered by the company help the users to deploy VoIP products anywhere with ease.

“The simplified interface and user experience of the LifeSize Icon 600 really opens up video conferencing to everyone," said Tom Costelloe, LifeSize Product Manager at VoIP Supply.

Recently, the company announced that it was the first in Western New York to receive B Corporations (B Corps) certification.

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