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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

February 02, 2013

The unified communications sector was busy as always this week. Here are some of the top stories as reported by unified communications.

First, MegaFon selected RGB Networks’ award-winning Video Multiprocessing Gateway and TransAct Packager to provide a complete transcoding and packaging solution for its OTT video service. These offerings will go a long way in future-proofing MegaFon's OTT service with scalable and reliable multistream processing.

"With our rapidly expanding subscriber base we needed the most flexible and reliable IP video delivery solution available to keep pace with customer demands and need for quality," said MegaLabs COO, Vitaly Starodubov. "OTT services are essential to the future of video delivery in Russia, and we needed a solution that could ensure our vision comes to fruition."

Next, Singleware Software released InformaCast Basic Paging with Cisco. Initially, this offering will be bundled and shipped with the latest release of Cisco UC Manager (CUCM) 9.1 and Cisco Business Edition 6000, but will eventually be available to all CUCM customers running at least version 8.5.

InformaCast Basic Paging provides phone-to-phone live audio paging, allowing all CUCM users to send out messages to up to 50 Cisco IP phones simultaneously. This allows users to send audio announcements to one or multiple phones at no charge.

In other news, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies released the latest version of its CX-E UC platform. This latest edition improves integration with Microsoft Office 365.

The CX-E UC platform provides customers with access to scalable enterprise-class architecture, supporting vital initiatives including centralization, disaster recovery, virtualization support and more. It is also one of the most interoperable UC solutions on the market, providing a hybrid UC configuration in practically any environment.

SimpleSignal and Polycom announced a strategic agreement this week to provide Video-as-a-Service offerings that leverage the Polycom RealPresence Platform infrastructure and SimpleSignal's cloud-based unified communications platform.

Called SimpleMeetup Video, this service draws on the open standards-based interoperability of RealPresence to enable face-to-face collaboration across multiple platforms and devices.

”We believe video is the new voice when it comes to effective communication and collaboration,” said Dave Gilbert, CEO at SimpleSignal. “Face-to-face communication is natural, while blind phone conversations are not. The combination of Polycom’s RealPresence Platform software infrastructure and SimpleSignal’s cloud can now make this experience simple, practical and affordable for companies of all sizes.”

Lastly, Epilio was awarded a contract to resell the ilink Kommunikationssysteme GmbH suite of communication solutions. The company will also sell TeamCall Audio Conferencing and iOffice Communicator for IBM Sametime, providing IBM customers with a full set of audio conferencing functions within Sametime conferences.

"With our ability to offer ilink solutions to IBM customers, we can provide Sametime users with the ability to join an audio conference with just a mouse click" said Carl Tyler of Epilio. "ilink provides our customers with seamlessly integrated audio control elements within the Sametime clients."

That wraps up this week in review. Check out the Unified Communications Channel for more!

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