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TMCnet Unified Communications Week in Review

January 19, 2013

One thing is for sure: technology will never remain the same. It goes without saying that the area of unified communications is continuously changing for the better as well through allowing employees as well as individuals alike to communicate in a high much higher caliber.

This week, it was revealed that Skype can now be used in conjunction with MY Web Conferences, benefiting Skype users significantly as they now leverage feature rich video conferencing to connect with anyone they wish including friends, colleagues and family all over the world.

To get started, Skype participants must remember the one-time password (OTP) they will receive upon being invited to MY Web Conferences Web chats. After they type in, it is easy as 1, 2, 3 to power Web meetings from directly within Skype for free.

"MY TrueCloud's support of Skype allows companies to effectively communicate and collaborate with their customers and partners across the globe,” according to Mitch Alcon, CEO of MY TrueCloud. “Our goal is to emulate the in-house office meeting experience, and with MY Web Conference's advance functionality, we have achieved that goal. Companies will realize significant productivity improvements and rapid return on investment by deploying MY Web Conferences across their enterprise."

In other news, in order to eliminate a variety of challenges that can arise when a firm initially adopts a BYOD policy it is vital to implement specific companywide policies that will help to protect the workforce, and this wouldn’t be possible without a unified communications system in place.

In fact, when BYOD and UC are used in tandem, “BYOD needs to be approached from a well-informed and proactive standpoint, and can be the catalyst enterprises need to expand operations and improve efficiency,” according to recent blog post from unified communications provider Teo.

Another key part of this strategy is to fully inform users of what is deemed acceptable and what is considered unacceptable mobile behavior before permitting them to leverage their personal devices to complete business-related tasks. This will help the workforce to better comprehend their privacy rights as well as which applications and operating systems will be supported by the newly launched initiative.

Closing out the week, news broke that ANDTEK will be attending Cisco Live! 2013, which takes place from January 28 to February 1, in order to show off an array of its solutions.

One offering sure to be displayed includes its call distribution software coined ANDTEK’s Contact Center. Leveraging an easy to use Web interface, the product encompasses capabilities like call load per agent calculator, call routing and customer service optimization.

In addition, the company’s AND Desktop AC, touted as a switchboard solution for CRM systems and large customer databases, will be present at the event. With the ability to locate company staff through databases and directories in a variety of formats as well as find entries from public Outlook calendars, the solution is guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction overall.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey