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ANDTEK to Demonstrate Unified Communications Solutions at Cisco Live!

January 16, 2013

If you’re going to be at Cisco Live! 2013, which takes place from January 28th to February 1st, keep an eye out for ANDTEK. The unified communications specialist will be demonstrating various IP communications solutions aimed at large businesses, as well as its call distribution systems, switchboard systems, and more.

First on the list of demonstrations is ANDTEK’s Contact Center, a scalable call distribution software. It uses a Web interface for direct centralized management of customer service across the company, offering features such as a call load per agent calculator, call routing and customer service optimization. It also offers real-time status reports for agents in the group and call-through rates in order to provide the best service for customers.

Furthermore, there’s the AND Desktop AC, a switchboard solution for CRM systems and large customer databases. It can locate company staff through databases and directories in a variety of formats, and find entries from public Outlook calendars. Calls can be redirected to the right workstation, no matter where the employee might be, providing customer service from the right person as fast as possible.

ANDTEK will also demonstrate how its unified communications solutions can be used to help banks and insurance companies improve their business processes and productivity. With them, employees can access customer information immediately, no matter where they are or the time of day. Users can integrate their Exchange contact information with the UC network, providing access to schedules through IP phones and PCs, in addition to information as to where they would be and when they’re free without having to look around and ask people.

There’s a lot to look for at Cisco Live! 2013, but if you’re part of a large company, a bank or insurance company or really any type of organization in need of new UC solutions, ANDTEK’s solutions will prove to be key to the ongoing success of your firm.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein